How Do I Know If My Underground Drain Is Clogged?

How do I know if my underground drain is clogged UK

If you suspect your underground drain is clogged, you may be wondering how to proceed. First, you should get a CCTV inspection done. If it shows visible blockages, you can hire a high-pressure water jet blaster to clear them. However, this method can cause damage to your pipes and equipment. It is recommended to hire someone with proper training to use high-pressure water jet equipment to remove blockages.

Symptoms of a clogged underground drain

A clogged underground drain can have a number of different symptoms. One of the most obvious is water coming out of the pipe, or pooling around it. Another sign is a stain on the ground near the drain. This is most obvious when the drain is in an area where water can easily get into the ground, such as near the deck, driveway, or concrete.

Another symptom of a blocked drain is the smell of sewage. This may be coming from the outside, such as when you open a sink or toilet, or it could be coming from a clogged pipe inside the house. A foul odor, especially when it persists after you’ve cleaned the pipe, may also indicate a clogged underground drain.

Often, a blocked drain can be difficult to detect visually, but it’s important to know the early signs of a blocked underground drain so you can act before it’s too late. A slow draining toilet or sink is another warning sign that the drain is clogged.

Causes of a clogged underground drain

Blocked drains are common problems for many property owners. A blockage can be caused by anything from grease to hair. When water cannot drain properly it means that there is a clog in the pipe. To avoid blockages, it is necessary to watch what goes down your drain.

Before attempting to unclog a drain, make sure that it is completely empty. This will help you find the source of the blockage and how to remove it. Next, grab a drainage rod. You can use this to wring out stubborn toilet paper. When rotating the drain rods, make sure you rotate them in a clockwise direction. Alternatively, unscrew the drain plunger attachment and rotate it in a counterclockwise direction to get rid of the blockage.

Another cause of clogged underground drains is gutter overflow. The signs of a clogged gutter are nearly the same as those of a clogged underground drain. Clogged downspouts often result in water backwash into the basement or other areas of the home.

Repair options for a clogged underground drain

If your underground drain is clogged, there are several repair options available. In some cases, a simple patch repair is sufficient, and other cases require more extensive repairs. For instance, in some cases, the pipe may have a break or crack, which can be repaired with a liner.

Regardless of the method, you should be aware of the costs of repair work. In the UK, repair work for a blocked underground drain can cost between PS100 and PS200. The price of the work depends largely on the location of the drain. For example, a drain that is buried under a garden shed or yard will typically cost more than a drain in a more urban area.

In some cases, you can choose to hire a professional company to clear the blockage. However, it is important to consider the history of the company you choose. You can also ask a number of questions to find out more about their work. It is also important to choose a local company if possible.

Cost of a drain survey

Depending on the size of your underground drainage system, you can have your underground drains surveyed using CCTV. This type of survey is able to capture a very detailed image of your drainage system, which allows drainage professionals to give you advice on the best course of action. The cost of a drain survey is around PS350 to £480, and the whole process can take up to six to eight hours.

A CCTV drain survey can identify drainage systems that are out of date and not compliant with current regulations, which can lead to sewage contamination. These systems should be replaced by the current owner or new owner as soon as possible. It can also reveal the cause of interior drainage problems, including initial cracks and gaps in the drainage system.

A drain survey is a good idea no matter how old your property is. Even recently built houses can have drainage issues. Because drainage is installed at the same time as other building work, construction debris can enter the drainage system. By identifying any problems early, you can prevent ongoing blockages from occurring. Moreover, some mortgage lenders require homebuyers to get a drain survey done before the purchase of their new home.

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