What Are the Components of Surface Drainage System UK?

What are the components of surface drainage system UK

When installing a surface drainage system, you need to know what components make up your system. You should know about the U-bend, the P-trap, and the diversion ditch. Each one has a specific function. Understanding them will make your system much more efficient and effective.

Fixture drain

A fixture drain is a component of surface drainage system that is visible to the public. It usually consists of an open pipe that has a blocking mechanism. In some cases, the pipe has a U-bend or a P-trap that prevents sewer gasses from rising.


A U-bend in a surface drainage system is a pipe that is used to collect water and stop foul-smelling gasses from entering the pipe system. Blockages often start in these pipes due to the accumulation of hair, soap scum, and food. To prevent blockages, property owners should ensure that these items are not placed in the pipes.


A P-trap is a plumbing fixture that prevents noxious gases from entering the home. They are also useful for retrieving small items. Currently, they are an important part of modern plumbing systems. However, they are also susceptible to clogging due to the accumulation of debris. These particles can include hair, food, and mineral deposits, which can narrow the diameter of the drain pipe. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly clean the drain regularly to avoid clogging.

A P-trap gully is a section of pipe shaped like a “P”. It connects to the main underground drainage system. In some systems, it is possible to use a drainage rod to clean the gully. If a drainage rod is not available, it may be necessary to use electro-mechanical pipe cleaning.

Another alternative to a P-trap is a bottle trap gully. A bottle trap gully works in a similar way, but does not utilize the curved section. Instead, it uses a removable inner sleeve that creates a space between the sleeve and the gully’s wall. This allows water to flow upward to the outlet pipe.

Diversion ditch

A diversion ditch is a feature that prevents surface runoff from reaching flat areas. It intercepts surface flow and channels it to existing waterway systems. It is a crucial part of a surface drainage system because a clogged ditch can result in significant problems for a road over a large area. A diversion ditch is normally located outside the road’s area, and it is not always owned by the road administrator.

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