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Drainage Derby drainage team in Derby is using the ClearLine Profiler to provide clients with the world’s most advanced Survey and Laser service. This new laser-guided technology gives engineers precise data about the size, shape, capacity and condition of pipes which can then be used to create detailed maps that are essential for planning maintenance work and carrying out repairs efficiently.


Pipe inspections using lasers are a valuable service that Lanes Group Ltd can provide for clients across Derbyshire. The powerful device uses a laser to continuously scan the inside of pipes, which then allows a three dimensional image of the pipes to be generated. This helps expose any kind of cracks within them, like holes or protrusions.


CleanLine profiler is state of the art software intended for keeping check on water pipeline systems.It can be used to generate reports detailing details like water flow rate at any given point in the system, and also identify potential problems with the pipelines like blockages or ruptures.The Lanes Leeds depot has trained some of its most experienced engineers to use Cleanline profiler in order to provide assistance to key clients, such as housing developers and civil engineers.


Drainage Derby Cleaning Company in Derbyshire, said: “We used it for an enhanced inspection on a new housing estate. My client wanted him to provide absolutely clear evidence of the quality and condition of the drainage system as part of the adoption process.


Our laser drainage profiling system was able to capture precise, clear and accurate data. The HD quality video images of the study were supplied by our CCTV drainage survey. Laser profiling is carried out at the same time as a CCTV survey. The laser profiling unit is attached to the remote-controlled mobile camera that moves through the pipe taking both colour and black & white photographs as well as a range of videos showing how water flows through pipes and sewers.


With the help of 3D laser scanning, the system’s software collects data by measuring the surface of a pipe more than 720 times per second and then turns that information into a highly detailed profile. From this point forward, customers can examine the data on their computer or in real time using devices such as tablets. There is also the option to access and manipulate all information, whether it’s collected from a single picture or from an entire series of images. This way, companies are able to create reports that present the gathered data in table or graph form for easy viewing.


Laser drainage profiling gives our clients much more useful data for making important decisions about management of their drainage assets. It allows for a significant reduction in costs and time periods when compared to traditional techniques. Additionally, it also helps with managing risk, especially safer asset management as well as reduced maintenance for any given area.

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