Disadvantages of Drainage UK

What are disadvantages of drainage UK

Despite the fact that drainpipes are supposed to take rainwater away from homes, they end up polluting rivers. In fact, 10% of homes in London have waste water pipes connected to them, polluting the rivers every time they rain. To combat this, you must invest in a water-proof drainage system.


Soakaways are a type of drainage system that collects runoff from development by using a catchpit to remove pollutants and excess water. These systems are most commonly located in open spaces and are easier to maintain. They also pose less of a risk to building foundations. However, they are not ideal for every situation. The size and shape of a soakaway should be carefully chosen, as it must accommodate a large volume of stormwater. This can make it inefficient for use on sites where the soil is particularly poor in drainage.

Soakaways are also susceptible to blockages. Debris can clog up the pipework, preventing rainwater from penetrating back into the soil. Fortunately, this problem can be remedied with high-pressure water jets, which can access the pipework and backwash it.

Infiltration trenches

Infiltration trenches are not a suitable solution for every site. The depth of the trench should not exceed two feet above the seasonal high water table, and it must be located below the frost line. To minimize erosion, the trench should be surrounded by a vegetated buffer. A permeable filter fabric placed six to twelve inches below the surface of the trench is a good choice. A layer of twelve inches of sand may also be used at the bottom of the trench.

Infiltration trenches are a good solution for a small site with a low amount of runoff. They are effective for parking lots, rooftop areas, local roads and highways, and small residential developments. They reduce overall runoff, which reduces the size and cost of downstream BMPs, while mimicking the hydrological regime of the soil. These systems can control peak discharges from storms with a 10-year cycle.

PVC drainage system

PVC drainage pipes have smooth walls and minimal friction, enabling them to deliver excellent flow rates. These benefits have made PVC pipe the preferred choice for new construction. However, there are some disadvantages associated with PVC. For example, there are some differences between the sizes of pipes from different manufacturers. However, a British Standard-approved plastic drainage system is manufactured to a specific size tolerance, allowing it to be connected without the need for adaptors.

The earliest PVC drainage pipe specifications stated a minimum wall thickness and diameter. This is no longer appropriate for more material-efficient, structured wall designs. In Australia, for example, industry had mistakenly specified minimum pipe stiffness for structured-wall products while their plain-wall counterparts were significantly stiffer. This mistake was corrected by defining a minimum pipe stiffness for all PVC products, despite the fact that the stiffness of structured-wall products is not necessarily higher than those of plain-wall pipes.

Roots can ‘punch’ a hole through the pipework

Tree roots can ‘punch’ a hole in pipework because they are powerful and can put great strain on cracks and pipe joints. This can result in collapse of the pipework. Even a small crack in the pipe can allow tree roots to intrude and cause a large problem. Therefore, if you have an existing crack in the pipework, it’s important to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Tree roots can also cause a sinkhole on your property. This is because water is trapped in the soil near the pipe. If you notice any extra green areas on your property, this could be an indicator of a problem with tree roots.

Ochre can block drain pipe

Ochre is a slimy orange-brown deposit that forms inside the pipes of your drain system. This substance comes from bacteria that eat iron in the ground. This bacteria oxidize the insoluble ferric iron to soluble ferrous iron, which enters the drain pipe with oxygen. After a while, bacteria oxidize the soluble iron back to insoluble form, which is known as iron ochre. Depending on your drain system’s composition, ochre can cause serious drainage problems.

If the ochre is fresh, a low-pressure cleaning method may be required. This process involves temporarily shutting down the drainage system and pumping water into the drain system. Once the water has reached the blocked pipe, a jet flush can be performed.


The first thing to consider when looking for drainage companies is the cost of the work involved. The average cost of one day’s labour can be up to PS150, and for two and three days, the average can be up to PS450 or more. This will include the cost of the pipe filter, aggregate PS30, and non-woven Geotextile membrane. In addition, the average price for a medium-sized trench can be anywhere between PS515 and PS670.

Another consideration is the time it takes to perform the work. For instance, drain jetting can take one to two hours, depending on the size of the system. The amount of time required will depend on how complicated the job is, but it will cost at least PS250.


Regular maintenance of drainage systems will help prevent expensive emergency repairs, such as clogged drains. Regular drain flushing will also help ensure that water flows smoothly and efficiently. This proactive maintenance will also help prevent further damage to pipes and the need for replacements. It is a vital part of keeping a building or land in top condition.

The regular cleaning of drains and waste pipes does not require the use of powerful chemical cleaners. The cleaning process also does not permanently damage drain pipes. Waste materials naturally accumulate in drains and waste pipes. This can lead to scaled pipes that slow the flow of water and create obstructions.

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