Do Drain Rods Work?

Do drain rods work UK

There are several ways to clear a clogged drain. The best option will depend on the location of the blockage, what the customer wants to accomplish, and whether they are able to access the blocked drain themselves. Drain jetting is one of the most effective ways to clear blocked drains, and Drain Jetting UK is one of the leading providers in the UK.

Unblocking blocked drains

If your drains are clogged, you can unblock them with drain rods. These tools can be very messy and should be handled carefully. You should wear gloves and overalls when using them, as the debris can be harmful. You should also wear protective clothing and gear around your face and mouth to prevent contact with the debris and bacteria in the drains.

These rods are designed to be directed around the perimeter of a blocked drain and break up any blockages. When using them, be careful not to turn them anticlockwise, as this may unthread the attachments and cause the rod to get stuck in the piping. Instead, use the auger part of the drain rod to sift around the blockage and break it up.


Drain rods can be found in many DIY stores. They are flexible and usually come in lengths of one meter. Drain rods can be inserted into a drain run by screwing them together. The rods will feel a blockage when they reach it. A professional plumber will know how to use this tool to remove blockages.

Drain rods can be messy, but they can be effective in removing blockages. First, push the rod through the blocked drain until it hits the obstruction. The rod needs to be twisted a little to fit the bend in the pipe. Next, use the auger of the drain rod to break up the obstruction.


If you live in the UK, you may be wondering about the cost of drain rods. These rods are commonly used to clear blockages in drains. They come in different lengths and are made of different materials. Some are made of polypropylene while others are made of brass.

The cost of drain rods in the UK varies from place to place. In some cities, a drain rod set costs as much as PS150, while others can cost up to PS200. The price is also dependent on the difficulty of the blockage and how long the process takes. You can also buy drain rods from DIY stores and supermarkets at around PS25.

These rods are flexible and stiff, which allow them to work around the outside of a blocked drain. Once they are inserted into the drain, they are used to loosen the blockage and remove it with the help of a jet. Drain rods can also be fitted with tools like chimney brushes, which allow them to be used in different ways. They are made of polypropylene and metal joints, so they will last for years.


A drain rod is an excellent tool for unblocking drains and is widely available from builder’s merchants and DIY stores. However, it can have some drawbacks, particularly when used by inexperienced users. For example, they can become stuck in underground drainage, or undo themselves when trying to push them into a drain. Consequently, you should only use drain rods with extreme caution, as they can cause bigger problems than they fix.

When using drain rods, remember to wear protective gear and use a hose pipe. Make sure the drain rods are tightened and that there is no sharp edge where it can cause damage. Also, the rods should be long enough so that they do not break while in use.


Drain rods are one of the oldest methods of drain cleaning and are still used in some households. However, they are only effective for clearing light blockages and in systems that have access chambers. If your drain is heavily clogged, you may need a more sophisticated solution like drain jetting.

Drain rods are available in most hardware and DIY stores. Often, they are an affordable and convenient solution for clearing small drain blockages. However, if you want a long-term solution, you should call a professional plumber. They have the equipment and training to safely clear blockages.

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