How Do You Clear a Blocked Underground Drain?

How do you clear a blocked underground drain UK

There are a number of different ways to clear a blocked underground drain. Some of the methods are more expensive than others, but they can be effective in clearing blockages and restoring the flow of water. Some of these methods include re-lining damaged drain pipes with a polymer lining, which repairs the damage and ensures that water flows smoothly again. Prices for these methods depend on the location of the blockage and the size of the obstruction. For example, jetting is more expensive than rodding, while combining these two methods will increase the cost.

Unblocking a blocked underground drain

If your drain is clogged, there are many ways to clear the blockage. First, determine where it is located. If the drain is on your property, contact your local authority and water sewerage company to get details about who’s responsible for it. Otherwise, you can try a DIY solution by following a guide to clearing a blocked underground drain.

You can also consider getting a professional plumber to clear a blockage. They have the equipment and experience necessary to complete the job safely. The price of the service will depend on how badly blocked the drain is and where it’s located. If the drain is in a difficult-to-reach location, they may perform a CCTV drain survey, which will cost more. Be sure to compare quotes before choosing the service you choose.

External drain unblocker liquid

An external drain unblocker liquid can help you clear the blockage in your underground drain by breaking up the debris and preventing it from coming back up. This liquid can be purchased from a local store or online. Simply push it into the chamber where the blockage is and rotate the rod clockwise until the blockage disintegrates. The more you push the rod into the chamber, the more the blockage will be broken up.

If the blockage is caused by a solid object, you can try pouring hot water down the drain to loosen the obstruction. However, this can damage PVC pipes. A good alternative to hot water is a mix of washing up liquid and baking soda.

Boiling water

One of the simplest home remedies for clearing a blocked underground drain is boiling water. This solution can be poured down the drain in stages to loosen the obstructions in its path. Alternatively, you can mix some vinegar and baking soda and pour this mixture down the drain. After half an hour, you can add boiling water to finish the job.

Boiling water can also be used to clean pipes. It’s a great way to unclog a sink, toilet, or bathtub. You can use a microwave or stove to boil water. Use a wooden spoon to stir the mixture together. The solution will begin to fizz and you should wait a few minutes before flushing it down.


You can unblock a clogged underground drain in a number of ways. You can use a plunger to force water forward and clear the blockage. It works by creating a vacuum inside the drain, which helps loosen any clogging material. However, before using a plunger, make sure that the plunger is submerged. Otherwise, you risk trapping air in the pipe.

If a simple plunger is not sufficient, you can use other tools to remove the blockage. If you are unsure of what to do, you can hire a professional drain cleaner to help you. The drain plunger is a simple tool, but you should wear protective gloves and eyewear while using it.

Home remedies

There are several home remedies that you can try in order to clear a blocked underground drain. Firstly, you should wear protective gear, such as long rubber gloves and goggles. Also, you should use a bucket to catch leaks. Finally, you should rinse the pipe with water to ensure that no more debris gets trapped inside.

A combination of vinegar and baking soda is also a simple way to clear a blocked drain. Mix the two in equal parts and pour it down the drain. Let it sit for at least an hour and then flush it with hot water. This will help dissolve any grease clogging the drain and will prevent a foul smell.

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