Do Water Companies Unblock Drains UK?

Do water companies unblock drains UK

If your drain is blocked, you should call a specialist drain clearance company. If you have rented property, it is your landlord’s responsibility to unblock drains. Contact your landlord, letting agent, or EHO to report blocked drains. If you are a private tenant, you should contact your landlord, letting agent, or EHO.

Wet wipes

Some people may have wondered: Do water companies unblock drains UK using ‘flushable’ wet wipes? They may have heard that they’re a convenient and effective way to remove make-up and surface dirt, but there are some serious concerns about their impact on sewers and waterways. Wet wipes are not compostable and are made up of microfibres, which end up contaminating waterways and sewage systems.

In the UK, water companies are spending millions of pounds every year on clearing blockages and sewers, and it’s a costly proposition. It also has environmental and human costs. As a result, the water industry is now working with manufacturers to develop wet wipes that are ‘flushable’. Manufacturers can now display the ‘Fine to Flush’ symbol on their packaging, informing consumers that their products won’t clog sewers and drains.

Toilet paper

There are various products available to unblock external drains. You can purchase drain unblocker liquid from your local stores. The liquid is not only effective, but also readily available. It will unblock the drain without the help of water companies. This liquid will not only unblock the drain, but it will also clean it.

Hair and other foreign objects can also clog your drain. You should always remove any hair and other debris before flushing. You should also avoid flushing sanitary products. These can clog the pipe and result in an overflow of water. Toilet paper and wet wipes should also be disposed of properly.

Paper towels

Paper towels are a common household product. However, they can be hazardous to sewers and plumbing systems. These towels are thicker than toilet paper, which can cause clogged drains. Therefore, they should be used carefully. However, the use of paper towels should not be discouraged for hygienic reasons.

In the UK, a shortage of toilet paper has led to clogged sewers and drains. People have been panic-buying because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced supermarkets to sell out of toilet roll. The result of people using alternative toilet paper is a spillage of waste water of up to 20,000 litres, requiring extensive clean-up efforts.

sanitary products

There is a plethora of products available to help you unblock drains and keep them unclogged. Many leading brands have products specifically designed to unclog drains. These products are designed to be poured down the drain, and can be used to unclog a number of different types of drains, including bath/shower units. You should also avoid flushing sanitary ware, as these can clog the pipes.

Other hard to flush materials

Many household drains become blocked with foreign materials over time. These items, including soaps, sanitary products, and hair grips, can become so accumulated that they block the drainage system and cause a backup of water. Children’s toys can also cause drains to become blocked.

Getting a professional drainage engineer to unblock drains

If you have a blocked drain at home or business, getting a drainage engineer to unblock it is a great idea. If it isn’t very severe, you can try to unclog it yourself with household products. But, if it is really serious, you’ll need a drainage engineer to tackle the problem. These engineers specialize in drain repairs and cleaning.

A professional drainage engineer can find the underlying cause of a blockage and recommend measures to eliminate the problem. They may use CCTV cameras to inspect hard-to-reach drains. A plumber will also be able to offer tips to prevent your drain from becoming blocked in the future.

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