Why Does My Drain Keep Getting Blocked?

Why does my drain keep getting blocked UK

Blockages can occur in your drain because of leaves, moss, branches, soil, baby wipes, or even chunks of toothpaste that you have thrown away. Identify the blockage location by contacting your local water sewerage company or local authority. You may be able to repair the blockage yourself, or call in a professional to clean and fix the drain. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a plumber, you may consider buying HomeServe insurance.

Blockages can be caused by soil, leaves, moss, branches

Soil, leaves, moss, branches, and other natural debris can cause drain blockages. It’s a good idea to be careful about what you put into your drainage system. Because all of the content of your drainage system ends up in your outdoor drain, it’s important to keep out everything that could get stuck.

If you’re having a problem with your outside drain, contact your water and sewerage company. They will be able to advise you on how to remove the blockage. Otherwise, you can follow the steps in a DIY guide or get help from your insurance provider.

Baby wipes

Baby wipes can do a lot of different things. Not only do they clean hands, but they can also clean the outside of your fridge, washing machine, and other appliances. They’re also great for cleaning hard-to-reach places on your windows and in crevices. When you’re traveling, baby wipes can help you remove dirt and germs from your car’s interior.

However, you shouldn’t flush any wipe down the toilet. Even the ones that claim to be “flushable” will likely get clogged. That’s because wet wipes don’t decompose easily when they’re flushed. Some people in the UK have reported finding a mass of wipes in the Thames, the equivalent of two tennis courts. Ministers are urging people not to flush wipes down the toilet, and the government is considering banning the use of wipes with plastic.

Discarded lumps of toothpaste

Toothpaste is one of the most common items that can block a drain. Even small pieces of toothpaste can cause blockages. If you don’t discard them properly, the toothpaste can float to the bottom of the drain and clog it further.

Garden maintenance

If your drain keeps getting blocked, there are several causes you can check. One of the most common reasons is a prolonged, heavy downpour. The extra water can overwhelm the system, resulting in a blockage. Although drainage systems can cope with a regular amount of rain, stormy weather can be particularly difficult. If you see your drain regularly getting blocked, you should contact a drainage professional.

If you notice that your outside drains are blocked, check with your water sewerage company or local authority to find out if you’re sharing the pipes with other properties. Once you’ve found the source of the blockage, you can use a DIY guide to clear the drain. If you’re still having trouble, consider taking out HomeServe insurance.

Unusual odours

Unusual odours coming from your drains can be a sign of a blocked drain. They can be an annoyance, or even embarrassing. The truth is, there are many different causes of smelly drains. In some cases, the smell is due to a clogged vent, or contaminated water. In such cases, you should try running water for a minute and check the drainage system.

Odours coming from the drain are often caused by organic matter, such as food and grime. Other causes may be unflushable items and debris that have collected in the pipes. If the smell does not go away, you should contact a professional drainage engineer. They have the specialist equipment and experience needed to diagnose and solve the problem.

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