Will Coca Cola Unclog a Drain?

Will Coca Cola unclog a drain UK

Coca Cola contains phosphoric acid which can be very useful in unclogging a drain. You can use a two-litre bottle of the drink, kept at room temperature. Pour the contents down the drain and wait for two hours. The cola will start to fizz and will dissolve any blockage that is blocking it. It also breaks down tough stains and limescale.

Coca Cola contains phosphoric acid

Coca Cola contains phosphoric acid, which can be used to unclog drains. It is not as strong as sulfuric acid, and it takes longer to dissolve clogging substances. Nevertheless, it can work in a pinch. Pour some coke down the drain, leave it overnight, and it should dissolve the blockage.

Its acidic nature enables it to break down stubborn buildup in toilet bowls and porcelain fixtures. The carbonated beverage also contains caffeine and high-fructose corn syrup. The latter provides a deep, caramel-like color, while phosphoric acid adds citrus flavor. Phosphoric acid also contains a mild corrosive agent, and is often used to remove rust from metal. Although it can cause severe burns when ingested, the amount of phosphoric acid in Coca Cola is too small to be harmful.

Many people swear by Coca Cola to unclog a drain, and it has many benefits. Besides being a great unclogging agent, Coca Cola also has grease-busting properties. You can pour it into your drain, or you can use it to clean up your car battery terminals. It also works as a detergent for washing clothes.

Diet cola works best

Diet Coke, Pepsi and other carbonated drinks will help unclog your drain, and they are also completely safe. They won’t produce a bad smell, and they won’t cause any kind of damage to your pipes. However, they can take a while to do their job. You may need to wait 24 hours before you can flush them down your drain.

For best results, make sure the bottle is room temperature. It should fizz for about two hours before it is emptied down your drain. Next, pour hot water down the drain to remove the phosphoric acid buildup. The phosphoric acid in the soft drinks breaks down blockages. It also removes tough stains and limescale.


Vinegar is a natural declogging agent and can unclog drains. Its high acidity can dissolve organic matter in drains. Pour a small amount into the drain. Leave it for about ten minutes. You can then flush the drain with hot water.

Another method of unclogging a drain is to combine vinegar with baking soda and salt. Baking soda is a widely used multi-purpose cleaner, and the combination of baking soda and vinegar will eat away at any clog. In addition, the mixture will eliminate odors and break down gunk.

Another natural solution is a homemade drain cleaner. A combination of vinegar and baking soda will unclog drains without much work. In addition to baking soda, you can also pour vinegar into a drain with baking soda. The baking soda will dissolve any grease and grime inside the drain. After pouring the mixture down the drain, put a drain cover over it and wait about 15-20 minutes.

Citric acid

When a drain gets clogged, there are many things you can do to clear it. Pouring boiling water down the drain or mixing soda crystals with citric acid will help dissolve any blockages. It’s especially helpful when you’re trying to unclog a sink. Make sure you clean out the drain regularly to avoid damage to the pipes.

Another effective drain cleaner is Pepsi. The acid in Pepsi is higher than the one in lemon juice, so it’s effective at dissolving calcium. But be careful not to breathe the chemical fumes, as they could potentially cause chemical burns and even blindness.

Baking soda

When you have a clogged drain, one of the best ways to unclog it is to pour boiling water and baking soda down it. Then, allow the mixture to sit for at least five to ten minutes. You may need to repeat the process more than once.

Baking soda will work on minor clogs, but it will not work on tough clogs. To treat a more serious clog, you can use half a cup of baking soda mixed with vinegar. The mixture will fizz up, but after a few minutes, it will subside.

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