Who is Responsible For a Blocked Outside Drain?

Who is responsible for a blocked outside drain UK

A blocked outside drain can be a serious problem. The water company and the property owner should be contacted immediately to resolve the issue. The water company is responsible for removing blockages from the sewers. You can contact them via the phone number on the company’s website.

Shared drains

Shared drains are pipes outside your property boundary that connect to the public sewer. In most cases, you’ll be responsible for the drains on your side of the property boundary, and the water authority is responsible for the shared drains that run through your neighbourhood. If you’re wondering whether your property has shared drains, contact your local water supplier or council to learn more about your responsibilities.

If you’re planning a building project on your property, it’s essential to check the location of shared drains before you start. You can do this easily by completing a self-certification questionnaire. However, you should be aware that some water authorities are less than helpful, and that regional variations might exist. As a result, it’s always a good idea to seek approval from the water authority before starting any construction work, even if the proposed building work is minor.

In most cases, shared drains in the UK are shared by two or more properties, and their costs should be shared by everyone. However, some property owners won’t agree to share the costs of blocked drains. In these cases, a specialist drainage company will be required.

Severn Trent

Your local council or the regional water company is responsible for clearing blocked outside drains. You can contact the local council or the Environment Agency to find out more. The company responsible for clearing blocked outside drains in our area is Severn Trent Water. However, if the blockage is on the property boundary, it is the responsibility of the property owner to get the issue fixed. The company can also be contacted via their website.

Public sewers are mainly maintained by water companies. Severn Trent Water, Anglian Water, and Yorkshire Water are the companies that maintain these sewers. Drainage companies also take care of gullies to remove surface water from roads. If you find that your outside drain is blocked, you can use a pressure hose to unclog it.

The drains that are outside a property are lateral drains, which carry wastewater away from a property. They are usually outside the property boundary. Unless there are multiple properties within a property, they are usually unobstructed. Severn Trent Water is responsible for clearing lateral drains and sewers, and has the rights to enter and maintain them.

Thames Water

Who’s responsible for clearing a blocked outside drain in the UK? Thames Water is responsible for clearing blockages in main sewers and repairing damage to lateral drains. However, if the drain is within a property boundary, it is the homeowner or landlord’s responsibility to clear it. To clear a drain, the householder must first identify if it is a blocked drain or a problem with internal plumbing. In some cases, a householder may have to pay for the clearing and repair work.

In some cases, the sewer is shared and serves more than one property. Regardless of who’s responsible, a blocked outside drain can be a nuisance to both residents and property owners alike. It can even cause flooding, so it’s important to contact Thames Water as soon as possible.

First, call your local EHO. They will be able to identify the type of sewer or drain that is blocked. They can also advise you on what to do next and who’s responsible for clearing the blockage.


Severn Trent Water is the company responsible for clearing blocked outside drains. They also have responsibility for public sewers. They have the power to prosecute the owners of properties for blocking outside drains. In the Midlands, seven companies have been fined by Severn Trent Water in six months for improper discharge of sewage or waste water. There are several reasons for blocked outside drains.

A lateral drain is a drain that runs between the boundary of a property and the start of the sewage network. If a lateral drain is blocked, Severn Trent Water will be responsible for cleaning and repairing it. A sewer is a public waterway that takes wastewater from several properties, including private ones. Severn Trent Water has the right to enter a property to repair or replace a sewer.

A drainage pipe is a pipe that exits your property and joins with a drain in another property. There are two kinds of sewers – public and private. Depending on which one you have, the person responsible for clearing the drains can be different.

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