What is Drain Mapping?

What is drain mapping UK

Drain mapping is a process that creates an exact map of the drainage system and sewer system of a property. It’s a service that’s useful for both commercial and private clients. It can help determine boundaries and who is responsible for the drainage and pipes of a property. Mortgage lenders and property surveyors may also require it. It can also help with fault detection and repair work.

Sonar technology

Drain mapping is an important task that requires the accurate location of underground pipes. The use of sonar technology can help identify such pipes. It can also help find collapsed pipes or manholes that cannot be accessed by other methods. It works in tandem with CCTV surveys to provide a comprehensive view of underground conditions.

Active sonar systems work by emitting a high-frequency acoustic signal into the water. When this signal hits an object, it bounces back into the device, measuring its signal strength and determining its orientation. The accuracy of the results can help in making more accurate drainage plans.

Surface water rebates

If you have a drain mapping system for your property, you may be eligible to claim a rebate from your water company. However, most water companies are not aware of the drainage arrangements for each property. If you want to receive a rebate, you will need to submit a plan of your property so that the company can know exactly how much water needs to be removed.

You can also save money by reducing the amount of surface water draining into the public sewer. Many water companies will calculate your bill based on your site area, but they can give you a discounted bill if you reduce the amount of water that drains into your drains. If this is the case, contact your water company and ask for a reduction.

Building compliance

Drain mapping is an important aspect of site compliance and can be used to ensure that drainage systems are installed properly. It is also an excellent way to avoid damaging any pre-existing drainage systems. It is also an essential part of flood risk management plans and helps mitigate the risks of chemical spills and cross contamination. As such, it is a mandatory requirement for many commercial sites.

The Building Compliance Division of Columbus is a regulatory agency that promotes public health and safety through the enforcement of building regulations. Permits are required for new construction, remodeling and demolition projects. In addition to building permits, the department performs compliance inspections on existing buildings to ensure they meet City code requirements. These inspections take place while work is ongoing, as well as when the building has been completed.


Drain mapping can help you with many issues, including flood risk and pollution prevention. It can also help you gain planning permission and prevent costly mistakes when you’re building. A CCTV drainage mapping service will provide a comprehensive report, complete with still images, including all sewers, shared connections, and any damage.

Drain mapping is a vital part of any planning application or building work. Before you can start construction, you should consider the location of existing drains. Typically, drains located within three meters of a proposed build or home need confirmation. In addition, any new build or renovation will require a building permit.

Drain mapping is essential for many reasons. It helps you understand underground services, which can lead to problems down the line. Without drain mapping, it can be difficult to find the locations of pipes. Without it, you may end up causing more damage to the property or local water authority than you anticipated. It may also cause delays in your project, and could even affect your planning application.


Drain mapping is a useful service for both private and commercial clients. It can help identify boundaries and who is responsible for maintaining a property’s drainage systems. It can also help identify pipes and sewage systems before building work begins. It is a cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of your drainage system.

The cost of drain mapping UK services varies depending on the tradespeople you choose. They can charge up to PS350 for a basic survey. The cost will be higher in London, which has more expensive labour costs. The length of the drainage system will also influence the price. A drain survey can last for up to two hours.

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