What Does a Drainage Search Reveal?

What does a drainage search reveal UK

A drainage search reveals what type of drainage system is present on a property. It can reveal the existence of a septic tank, cesspool, soakaway, or a public sewer. It can also provide information on consents for building over these systems. Some property owners choose to have a private drainage system. These types of systems require maintenance and may be costly.

septic tank

In the UK, there are a number of different types of septic tank. There are traditional ones, onion-shaped, brick-shaped, and shallow-dig models. There are also newer types, such as fibreglass tanks. The older ones are usually made of brick or stone and have two chambers connected by a pipe. Although they are no longer as common, they still exist.

There are rules and regulations regarding the use of septic tanks. By law, if a septic tank discharges into a watercourse, it must be upgraded. It is also important to ensure that the septic tank is constructed and maintained properly. It must discharge less than 2 cubic metres of sewage per day.


A drainage search will show whether your property is connected to the mains water supply, and also its sewerage and drainage. You should also find out whether your property is within the boundary of a public sewer. If it is, you will know how much you should pay for a drainage search.

A drainage and water search is an important part of the conveyancing process. It identifies potential problems, such as non-mains services, and can reduce future liability. The process used to produce a drainage and water search involves combining information from a variety of departments. Each report is backed by a PS10 million indemnity. The information gathered by drainage and water searches can be useful for future planning and building projects.

public sewer

Whenever you plan to build, it is important to know whether your property has a public sewer connection or not. You should always ask the water company for an invoice to verify this. Otherwise, you might have to pay to connect your property to the mains water supply. The most common alternative is an electric well.

In some cases, the drainage system on a property is private. If it is farmland, the owner may use a cesspool or soakaway to meet water needs. It can be costly to maintain and repair these systems. A drainage search will also show if there is a public sewer within the property boundary.

consent to build over

Drainage and water searches are important records which give landlords and property owners details of the water and sewer connections of a property. The process is often required by mortgage lenders or freehold property buyers. The results can include plans of water and sewer mains. Some pipes are privately owned and are not included in the search.

The results of a drainage and water search will tell a buyer who is responsible for the property’s bills and any risks posed by poor water quality and overflowing sewers. Such information can affect the ability to purchase flood insurance.

statutory agreement to erect a building

A statutory agreement to erect a UK building must include a clause that outlines the parties’ rights and responsibilities under the contract. The contract must be clear and enforceable and must be free of unfair terms. It must also contain an offer and acceptance from both parties. An offer and acceptance are not enough to create a contract, as the offer or acceptance must be reasonable.

The contract can include provisions for payment and extensions of time. If there is a dispute, the employer can withhold payment until the matter is resolved. The clause can also contain exclusions or limitations of liability.

obtaining a drainage search

A drainage and water search will tell you if your property is connected to a public water main and sewer. These searches are important for property owners and tenants as they may need to pay for extra maintenance or running costs if the property is not connected to the mains. Obtaining a drainage and water search will also help you determine whether your property has public drains, which may affect the design of future building works or extensions.

Drainage and water searches are extremely important and are often a requirement of mortgage lenders and freehold property buyers. The information they provide includes a map of the property’s water supply and sewers. The search companies produce this information in conjunction with Severn Trent Water, and they are fully insured in the event of a disaster.

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