What Do Plumbers Use to Snake a Drain?

What do plumbers use to snake a drain UK

A plumber’s snake is a long rod-like apparatus that is used to clear a blocked drain. The procedure is similar to unclogging a drain with a clothes hanger, except the snake is longer, stronger, and more flexible. The snake has an auger head attached to it, which is placed into the drain and uncoiled until it reaches the blockage. The plumber then moves the snake around to dislodge the obstruction. Afterward, the plumber will check the flow of water to ensure that the blockage is gone.


Plumbers use WD-40 to snake drains because it’s a very useful lubricant that can be used on a variety of pipes and joints. It also works as a penetrating agent, helping to penetrate stubborn joints. The WD-40 Company introduced an 8-inch flexible straw in 2015, which plumbers can use in tight plumbing spaces and hard-to-reach areas, like behind engine blocks and around hinges and rollers.

The company developed WD-40 in 1953 when a small laboratory in San Diego experimented with it. They tried the formula 40 times before it was perfected. The formula, WD-40(r), was named after that and is still used today.

Ecozone enzymatic cleaning sticks

Ecozone enzymatic cleaning sticks are a new and unique innovation in drain maintenance. The sticks use natural enzymes and bacteria to break down organic matter in drains, preventing blockages and bad odours. They are non-toxic and completely safe for septic tanks and aquatic life. They are also a great option for routine maintenance because they can be used as a home remedy to clean drains without having to hire a plumber.

Enzymatic cleaning sticks are made to break down organic matter, and they are available in a variety of forms. The most common types are liquid, gel, paste, and powder. If you’re dealing with a solid blockage, you’ll want to choose a chemical drain cleaner.

Some plumbers use a combination of enzyme and chemical drain cleaners to help clear drains. These products are septic safe and work on grease and hair clogs, but are not effective on food particles or other sanitary waste. This means that they must be used regularly to effectively clear even a mild blockage. If you use an enzyme cleaning stick once a week, you’ll get results in around two hours.

Powered drain snakes

A plumber may use a Powered Drain Snake if he finds a stubborn clog in a drain. These devices are flexible, and come with a variety of augers. Some types have coils, which are useful for retrieving objects. Others have choppers, which can help clear sand and other solidified materials.

A plumber can use a drain snake to clear a clog in a small area. Larger blockages, however, may require professional intervention. When a plumber is unable to fix a clog, they may need to call an emergency drain cleaning service.

A drain snake is a long flexible metal cable with a small auger on the end. Its length can vary anywhere from three to fifteen meters. They are usually coiled when not in use. Most drain snakes have handles that can rotate. The snake can be used in shower drains as well as bathtub drains.

Powered Drain Snakes are used by plumbers in the UK to remove clogs in sewers, sinks, and toilets. The auger has a coiled head that feeds into the pipe. The snake is fed into a sewer or drain through an access point in the wall. To use it properly, the snake must be placed close to the pipe entrance. Keeping a constant pace while snaking can help break up a blockage. Make sure not to force the snake through the pipe as this may damage the pipe or drain entrance. The snake should also be the correct length for the specific drain that you are working on.

If you’re not a plumber, you can buy a manual drain snake for home use. These devices are usually inexpensive and easy to use. They are ideal for simple blockages in the household and are more affordable than calling a plumber. However, be sure to consider the depth of the clog, the size of your drain, and your budget before making a purchase.

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