How to Keep Sewer Lines Clean in the UK

If you want to clean your sewer lines, there are a few things you can do yourself. You can use baking soda, vinegar, or enzyme cleaners. If you cannot afford these products, you can hire a professional service to clean them for you. But, you should know that preventing root invasion is much cheaper than paying for professional services.

Enzyme cleaners

Enzyme drain cleaners work by breaking down muck in sewer lines and septic tanks. Unlike chemical drain cleaners, which are toxic and corrosive, enzymes are much safer for your family and pets, and for your septic system. Enzymes such as Digesta, which break down long-chain FOG found in grease traps and waste traps, are effective at cleaning clogged pipes.

Enzyme cleaners work by adding good bacteria to your septic system, allowing them to digest organic waste and break down blockages. Because these bacteria are natural, they don’t need harsh chemicals. As a result, they continue to produce enzymes on their own. The enzymes keep your sewer lines clean and your sewer lines smelling fresh and odor-free. They also break down large and small FOG molecules and prevent drain clogging.

Enzyme drain cleaners do not contain any chemicals, but instead contain bacteria cultures and concentrated enzymes. These bacteria feed on organic materials in the sewer system, including hair and food waste. By feeding on these organic materials, the bacteria can reproduce and keep your sewer lines clean.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a versatile and affordable cleaning agent that has many uses. Its abrasive nature helps you remove stains and odors with its gentle scrubbing ability. It reacts with grease to form glycerol, a common cleansing ingredient in soap. It also enhances the corrosive action of vinegar, boosting its cleaning power. The carbon dioxide it releases helps neutralize acid in odor molecules.

While baking soda is not a permanent fix for a clogged drain, it is effective in clearing minor clogs. If the clog is severe, you can use half a cup of the substance. For best results, use equal amounts of baking soda and vinegar. The mixture will fizz when combined, but this will subside after a few minutes.

Another benefit of baking soda is that it removes chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Because the mixture is environmentally friendly, it can be used in households with young children without worrying about the health risks associated with chemical products. Plus, it is a budget-friendly alternative to expensive chemical cleaners. If you are concerned about the cost of purchasing expensive drain cleaning products, you can try baking soda mixed with vinegar. You can also add salt for an extra-effective cleaning solution.


If you’re looking for a natural way to keep your sewer lines clean, vinegar is the answer. This liquid has a number of uses, from cleaning windows to keeping kitchen fixtures squeaky clean. Mixing vinegar with dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle makes a handy all-purpose cleaner. Use this mixture to clean your sinks, toilets, and windows, and use a lint-free cloth to wipe away grime.

The acetic acid in vinegar makes it a wonder cleaner, and it works to eliminate organic buildup in pipes. You can pour it down your drain and watch it foam for a few minutes. Alternatively, you can freeze the solution and discard it through your garbage disposal. Make sure to label the container clearly.

Drain cleaners

If you’re concerned that your drains may become blocked or have a foul smell, it’s important to use drain cleaner regularly to prevent the buildup of grime and grease. These materials are especially likely to clog up the drains in kitchens and bathrooms. Using drain cleaner on a regular basis can dramatically reduce the likelihood of blockage.

It’s also important to know who is responsible for clearing blocked sewer lines. For many homeowners, that responsibility lies with their local water sewerage company. For example, Anglian Water is responsible for sewers on public roads, while Severn Trent and Yorkshire Water are responsible for drainage systems on private property. In the UK, this has resulted in clearer ownership of private sewers, which means better maintenance over the long term.

Although chemical-based drain cleaners are the most common way to clear blocked drains, using eco-friendly drain cleaners is a much safer option. These drain cleaners contain enzymes and bacteria that break down organic waste and spread them throughout the septic system. These natural alternatives are cost-effective and can help protect the environment.

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