How Much Should I Charge to Unclog a Drain?

How much should I charge to unclog a drain UK

When it comes to charging customers, it is very important to understand what the average cost is for drain jetting or unblocking. A clogged drain can have disastrous consequences if not treated quickly. Most plumbers charge around 2-3 times the standard callout fee for emergency plumbing, so it is important to act quickly to avoid extra expenses in the future. If you are considering charging customers for drain jetting or unblocking, you should make sure that you make your labour and time charges clear before starting work.

Cost of drain unblocking

The cost of drain unblocking varies depending on the location, the size of the blockage, and the method used to clear it. However, a basic service should cost around PS60. There are additional charges for additional services. You should check whether your home insurance policy covers drain unblocking.

Drain camera surveys are a good way to identify the cause of a blockage and can help determine the cost of further work, such as relining or replacing pipes. CCTV surveys are not always required, but they can be helpful in determining which drains are at risk of blockages. The cost of a CCTV drain survey is usually quoted for a simple CCTV survey of a troublesome drain and does not include the additional costs of mapping the drain to identify the exact cause of the problem.

A blocked drain is not only an inconvenience, but can also be a health risk. If it has backed up sewage into your home, you may want to have it fixed as quickly as possible. You may even be wondering how much it will cost. Fortunately, there are several ways to get your drain unblocked, from simple home remedies to more complex procedures.

Firstly, you can purchase drain cleaning chemicals at a DIY store for PS4 to PS12 a litre. You can also buy drain linings to repair damaged drainage pipes. Drain linings create a sleeve for water to flow through, which helps prevent blockages from happening. However, it is important to note that cooking oils can solidify in pipes and cause blockages.

Cost of drain rods

If you need to unclog a drain and are considering buying a drain rod set, there are several options. The most popular is the plunger, which is a rubber disc that fits flush inside the drain pipe. The disc should be at least four inches wide. Other options include the double worm screw, which is a double helix of thick wire that helps break through harder blockages.

Drain rods are lengths of flexible piping sold in one-metre lengths that can easily be screwed together to form a long run. They are strong and flexible enough to push through a blockage and are ideal for unclogging toilets and domestic drainage pipes. Drain rods are available in a variety of styles and can be fitted with different tools. They can be purchased from household DIY stores.

Depending on the size of the blockage, drain rods can cost anywhere from PS25 to PS150. The cost depends on the extent of the blockage and the difficulty of access. Large blockages can require drain jetting and rods to clear them. If you’re unsure whether a drain rod is right for your drain, it’s advisable to hire a drainage expert.

A minor drain rod unclog will cost around PS140 and take about an hour to clear. Drain rods can become detached during the clearing process. If this happens, you can try to unscrew the rods by turning them anti-clockwise. The first joint to separate will usually be halfway down the drain system. If that doesn’t work, you can try high-pressure water jetting to flush the rod out.

Cost of drain jetting

The cost of drain jetting to unclog sewage drains varies depending on several factors, including the size of the blockage and the location of the blocked drain. In some cases, the cost may be less than PS100, while in others, the cost could reach PS200 or more.

Drain jetting uses high-pressure water to blast through a drain and clear obstructions. It works in any drainage system and is effective at clearing partial or full blockages. It can also be used to clear debris and clean the inside of the pipes. If necessary, it can also be used to check for potential damage.

The cost of drain jetting for a blocked drain UK depends on a variety of factors. Location, size, and difficulty of access all affect cost. Drains that are accessible to a CCTV camera will cost less than those that are inaccessible. In some cases, a CCTV pipe inspection will be included in the cost of drain jetting for free.

However, drain jetting is not recommended for every household. There are several risks associated with it, including damage to the pipe, health risks, and the cost. If you’re not familiar with the use of hydro jetting, it may be best to call a professional plumber.

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