How Much Does it Cost to Unblock a Blocked Drain?

How much does it cost to fix a blocked drain UK

The cost of unblocking a drain depends on the type of blocked drain, the size and location of the obstruction. Some drain repairs involve high-pressure water jets, while others involve clearing the blockage with a flexible steel rod. If you are unsure about which option to choose, read on for some tips.

Unblocking a blocked drain with a high pressure water jet

High pressure water jets can be an effective method of unblocking a blocked drain. The cost of drain unblocking depends on the location and size of the blockage. You can also use a plunger to loosen any remaining blockage. If all else fails, you can contact a drainage company to unblock the drain.

One of the most popular ways of unblocking blocked drains is through high pressure water jetting, which uses water jets that are over 2000 psi to break up any stubborn blockages. The process is not only efficient but also prevents damage to your property. High pressure water jets from companies like BDS Drainage come with a range of nozzles and accessories suitable for a variety of drainage systems.

High pressure water jetting can also be used to maintain drains and prevent future blockages. Regular jetting can help prevent blockages by removing excess residue. Over time, grease, fats, soap, and tissue paper can build up and clog drain pipes. Professionals recommend drain cleaning every couple of years to prevent this issue. Over time, metal pipes can corrode and become damaged, which can also lead to blockages.

Clearing a blocked drain with a flexible steel rod

Clearing a blocked drain with a rod can be a simple task or a complicated one. The reason is that there are several different types of blockages that can affect exterior drains. They can be caused by different types of particles and structures. Therefore, it is essential to determine the type of blockage to take the appropriate action. If the blockage is caused by sewage, it is best to hire a professional to handle the job. You can also run into problems if your rod is stuck or detaches.

A drain rod works by sifting around the blockage and breaking it up. However, it is important not to turn it against the clock since this can unfasten the attachments and get stuck in the piping. Ideally, you should use the auger end to break up any blockages and debris that are in the drainpipe.

If you do not have a plumbing rod, you can try using a coat hanger as an auger. The problem with this method is that it can get stuck in the pipe and cause more damage. In addition, it can ruin the finish of plumbing fixtures. Sewer snakes are specialized equipment for clearing a clog, but are not designed to be used to push it through the pipes. This can cause scratches or cracks in older galvanized pipes.

Another way to clear a clog is by using a wire drain snake. Wire drain snakes work by forcing a flexible steel rod through the drain. Its coiled wire advances as it is fed through the pipe. As more wire is pushed through the clog, the more it will break it up and push through the pipe.

Cost of unblocking a blocked drain

A professional plumber will charge you a certain fee when you call them to clear a blocked drain. This amount varies depending on the type of blockage you have and the location. A full drain scrub will normally cost from PS150 to PS200. The type of plumbing equipment used will also affect the price.

A blocked drain is a big nuisance and can prevent you from using your bathroom or kitchen regularly. In addition to this, it can also damage your pipes and cause major clean-up costs. The solution is to contact a professional plumbing company who can unblock your drain quickly and efficiently.

The cost of drain unblocking services varies depending on the size of the blockage and the time it takes to clear it. Call-out charges are also added to the final cost. For a one-hour service, you can expect to pay between PS150 and PS200, although this may increase if you require a fast solution.

The cost of unblocking a blocked drain in the UK is relatively low. Depending on your circumstances, you can DIY unblocking your own drain or call in a professional company to help. You can also check out the HomeServe insurance coverage for blocked drains.

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