What Is Drain Desilting?

What is drain desilting UK

As the average rainfall in the UK rises each year, drain and sewer desilting has become an increasingly important service. By reducing the amount of silt, drains can perform to their maximum capacity and prevent blockages. A comprehensive desilting service is available from Drainage Care, who offer the services you need to ensure your drains are clear and in good working order.

Problems caused by accumulated silt in drains

There are a number of reasons why drains can become clogged and need to be cleaned. The best solution is to prevent clogs in the first place. Avoid flushing items down the drain, adding more chemicals to the pipes, and allowing objects to accumulate in the pipes. However, there are instances when a clog cannot be prevented, and the best solution is to call a plumber.

Clogged drains and channels are also a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other disease-carrying vectors. These insects can infect nearby residents with diseases and may even lead to the contamination of groundwater. Open drains also encourage the buildup of silt and waste materials.

Clogged open drains can cause serious damage to houses and roads. Excess water can destroy the foundation of a home or reduce the stability of a road. Open drains also lead to flooding and damage to landscaping. Increased moisture content in the soil can also cause concrete and brick surfaces to crack and deteriorate.

Open drains can also create an open breeding ground for mosquitoes and other bacteria. They may even cause health problems, such as malaria and dengue fever. This is because sewage can enter a compound and spread disease. Moreover, open drains can harbor disease-causing germs and parasites, which can infect humans and livestock.

Environmental impact of drain desilting

Nowadays, most businesses are aware of their environmental responsibilities. They pay attention to sustainable sourcing, reducing their carbon footprint and following the latest regulations. Drainage and wastewater management is a key consideration when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of a business. However, it’s easy to overlook it.

Water pollution can cause a variety of problems for our health and our environment. One recent example of this is the Flint, Michigan water crisis. Furthermore, contaminated water can affect agriculture. Infected water can make crops and animals sick and even cause them to die. The long-term and short-term impact of this pollution is alarming.

Sewer blockages are becoming more common, and people must think about what they put down the sewer. In addition, property owners are responsible for clearing blockages in private pipes. It’s vital for water authorities to have a means of detecting blockages so they can clear them efficiently, reducing financial and environmental costs. The Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs has recently published a Storm Overflow Discharge Reduction Plan (SODRP) and has opened consultations on key measures.

In addition to water pollution, raw sewage regularly finds its way into the seas in England and Wales. According to a Guardian investigation, over 200,000 tonnes of raw sewage was dumped into English rivers in 2019. Furthermore, Surfers Against Sewage published data revealing that untreated wastewater was washing up on the country’s shores.

Cost of drain desilting in the UK

Drain desilting can be very costly. This type of treatment involves the removal of sludge and other debris from the drainage system. It is usually necessary when a drain is clogged or there are tree roots in the pipes. In more serious cases, sewer line replacement may be needed. However, if the problem is detected early, it can be remedied without spending thousands of pounds.

The cost of drain desilting is determined by several factors including the size of the pipe, time it takes, and how the pipe is located. For a basic drain inspection, you can expect to pay PS80 to PS140. In more complicated cases, costs can range from PS120 to PS600.

Some drainage companies use rods and jetting to clear larger blockages. This process may take longer than other methods. The plumber may also need to work in difficult access areas. The time taken to clear a blockage will vary depending on the size of the blockage and the difficulty of access.

Drain rods are lengths of piping sold in one metre sections. These are screwed together to form a run of piping. They are flexible but strong enough to push through a blockage. Some drain rods may also come with extra fittings and attachments for increased strength. The cost of drain desilting in the UK may be expensive. To ensure that the job is done properly, you can contact a drainage company such as Environ in London. These experts will be able to guarantee the job and provide insurance.

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