What Happens When You Snake a Drain UK?

What happens when you snake a drain UK

If you’re wondering, “What happens when you snake a drain UK?” then you’re not alone. Sewers contain many kinds of hazardous waste, and sewer workers often find some interesting items stuck in the pipes and drains. This article will explain how you can use a drain snake to remove a clogged drain.

Unblocking a blocked drain

If you have a blocked drain, snakes are a great tool to help you clear the obstruction. These tools can be purchased at a home improvement store or hired from a plumber. You can use snakes to unclog your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry drains. However, you must be careful not to damage your pipes and avoid causing major leaks.

Snakes are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and prices. The length and diameter of a snake are critical factors to consider when selecting the right one for the job. Some snakes are designed for smaller drains, while others are made for larger ones.

Using a drain snake

A drain snake is a long, flexible metal cable with a small auger on one end and handles on both sides. It can be used to unclog pipes, bathtubs, and washing machines. Its length varies from three to fifteen meters. The cable is usually coiled when not in use. Most drain snakes have rotating handles that allow the user to rotate the cable.

A drain snake is one of the best ways to unclog a blocked drain. They are effective at clearing soft clogs, which usually lie 15 feet deep in the drain. However, they are not ideal for clearing blockages in larger drainage pipes or clearing a large amount of debris. A drain snake is a metallic cable with a small auger that looks like a corkscrew or drill bit. Most snakes for home use are around 50 feet long and have a manual crank at the end.

Common types of blockages

A blocked drain can have several causes. It may be clogged with leaves, coffee grounds, or sanitary items inside the house. If you are unable to remove the blockage yourself, you may need to contact your local water company to clear the blockage. In the UK, sewerage companies are responsible for drains and pipes that lead outside.

A drain rod is a common plumbing tool that is easily available at a hardware store. This tool is long and flexible, and is used to clear clogs. However, this method can be messy and can contain bacteria.

Getting a snake past a P-Trap

When snake-draining, you should be aware of the presence of a P-Trap. This type of trap prevents the snake from getting through the drain, but you can get around it by removing the trap arm. The arm is usually attached to the drain with a nut at the back facing the wall.

The first step to snake a drain is to locate the P-Trap. This large trap connects the sink to the sewer system or home septic tank. It always contains water. If you find that the trap is blocked, you can remove it by using your hands or an adjustable wrench. Then, you should clean the area thoroughly.

Using a drain rod

A drain rod is used to unclog a drain by pushing it through the pipe to the point of obstruction. Alternatively, you can use a plunger to push through the obstruction. Using a drain rod with a corkscrew attachment can also break up the blockage.

Drain rods are a very useful tool that can be bought from a hardware store. These long, flexible rods are designed to break up blockages in pipes. They can be used with a variety of tools and are often fitted with chimney brushes. They are usually made of polypropylene with metal joints.

The process of unblocking a drain with a rod can be relatively simple, or it can be a complex process. Different exterior drains can become clogged with different types of particles or structures. Taking the time to determine the type of blockage will help you take the proper action to clear it. However, you should always consult a professional if the blockage is caused by sewage, as it can lead to further problems.

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