How Do I Unblock My Outside Drain?

How do I unblock my outside drain UK

If you’re experiencing a blocked outside drain, there are a few things you can do to get it running again. First, make sure you know the location of the blockage. You can do this by checking with your local authority or water sewerage company. Once you’ve identified where the blockage is, you can then follow the DIY guide. If all else fails, you can always take out homeserve insurance to cover such costs.

Caustic soda

There are a number of ways to unblock your drain. One of these methods involves pouring caustic soda into a drain that is clogged. You can buy caustic soda in powdered or liquid form at any hardware store. Then, you can dilute it with three litres of cold water. Use a wooden spoon or stirrer to stir the solution. It is best to wait 30 minutes before flushing it with water.

Another option for clearing a drain is to pour boiling water into it. The longer the water remains boiling, the more likely it is to melt through the blockage. When you pour caustic into a drain, make sure to keep the water boiling, as cold caustic will lose its effectiveness quicker.


Bleach can be an effective way to unblock an outside drain in your home. This chemical is often used to clean pipes and is also effective as a disinfectant. It is available in stores or online. It should be used after installing a new kitchen sink or connecting a new pipe.

However, this chemical can be harmful when mixed with other chemicals in a drain. It can also create toxic fumes. As such, it is best to use chemicals only on drains that are draining. If you notice a totally solid blockage, plunging is usually required. To avoid any injury, make sure that you follow the instructions and wear protective gloves and clothing.

Flexible drain rods

One option for unblocking outside drains is to use drain rods. These rods can help you shift a clog in the drain, and they are generally safe to use. However, you should be aware that too much force may break the drain. In addition, you should avoid using pressure washers, which can damage pipes. Alternatively, you can call a drain specialist.

Drain rods are made of flexible materials such as nylon and polypropylene. They are generally short and narrow, with a diameter of around 12mm. These rods are also designed to be easily turned, allowing you to unblock outside drains yourself.

Bleach rods

Using bleach rods to unblock outside drains is an effective way to remove blockages. After cleaning the blockage, run clean water through the drain to remove any debris that has accumulated. Turn on the taps and wait at least three minutes. Then, pour bleach down the drain to remove any leftover debris and freshen the drain. If you still have a blockage after this, you should call a professional plumber.

Bleach is an effective external drain unblocker liquid that is readily available at your local store. It has a low pH level, so it is not dangerous for your health. You can also use it in your sink to deodorise and clean the drain. However, keep in mind that a few tablespoons of bleach will not effectively unblock a drain.

Chemical drain unblockers

Chemical drain unblockers are very effective at clearing out solid blockages in pipes. The chemicals that they contain create gaseous heat that eats away at the blockage. They are effective at dissolving soap scum, hair, and limescale. They can also be used to gently unblock a pipe. Enzymatic drain unblockers, on the other hand, use concentrated enzymes and bacteria to dissolve any blockages that may have built up.

Caustic soda, commonly known as washing soda, is another chemical drain unblocker that is used to unclog pipes. Caustic soda can be corrosive to drains and pipes, and should be used carefully. If you don’t wear safety goggles and follow safety precautions when using this drain unblocker, you run the risk of inhaling toxic fumes.

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