Can You Pour Boiling Water Down Outside Drain UK?

Can you pour boiling water down outside drain UK

There are many ways to remove a clogged drain. Some of these methods involve using bleach or baking soda. Others involve using drain rods and protective clothing to dig inside the drain. In some cases, the best solution is to use boiling water. However, this can be a messy process and you must take precautions.

Baking soda

Rather than purchasing expensive drain cleaners, homeowners can easily clean their exterior drains using baking soda and boiling water. These substances are very effective at dissolving clogs, and can also be very safe. They are gentle on your skin and will not cause any serious burns. However, if you plan to use baking soda and boiling water to clear your outside drain, you should be careful to avoid scalding yourself.

Baking soda, also known as bicarbonate, is a common drain cleaner. It works by breaking up clogs and removing excess metals from the pipes. You can also mix this mixture with boiling water to unclog your drain faster. Once the mixture has loosened the clog, you can flush it with the hot water.

If the baking soda and boiling water method does not work, you can use a combination of baking soda and vinegar. The baking soda and vinegar mixture will react with the vinegar, a mild acetic acid. When the mixture is mixed with hot water, it will start to fizz, dislodging clogs and preventing them from recurring. You may need to repeat the process several times to remove all traces of baking soda and vinegar.


There are several methods to clear a blocked drain, including pouring boiling water down the outside drain, which is easy to find in your local supermarket. If boiling water is not effective, you can also use a liquid that is designed to clear blocked drains, such as vinegar. This solution is easily available at your local store and should be used once or twice a day to keep your drains clear.

The most straightforward method is to pour boiling water down the drain in bursts. This will clear up the debris, and will also allow you to test the drain’s function. Another method involves adding baking soda and vinegar to the drain, and pouring the mixture down the drain. The solution will take out any remaining grease or muck, as well as any foul smell.

Drain Rods

Attempting to clear a blockage in an outside drain can be challenging unless you have the right equipment. A drain rod is one of the most important tools for this purpose, which you can easily purchase locally or online. The rod should be inserted into the chamber and twisted in a clockwise direction to help dislodge the blockage. Repeated thrusting should eventually clear the blockage.

Before attempting to clear a blockage, you must ensure that the drain is clean and free of debris. Caustic soda is very toxic, and it can cause severe burns to your skin. Wear gloves, eye protection, and protective clothing to prevent skin contact. If you have access to a drain rod, you may also want to try a plunger.

If you cannot clear a blockage yourself, it’s important to get in touch with a professional. If the drain is a shared one, contact your local water sewerage company or local authority. Once you know where the blockage is, you can proceed to a DIY drain cleaning guide. If you’re not confident, you can take out an insurance policy with HomeServe to pay for a professional drain cleaning service.

Protective clothing for digging inside drain

When you need to clean out a drain, it’s important to wear protective clothing. Since drains tend to be soiled with bacteria, you should wear long sleeves, waterproof clothing, and gloves. You may also want to wear goggles and a mask. It can help shift the blockage and protect you from skin infection.

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