Why You Should Install a Drainage System in Your Yard

What is the drain in my yard called UK

If you have an uneven patio, you may want to install a drainage system. A soakaway can get blocked easily, so you need to ensure that you’re creating a system that’ll keep water flowing away from your house. If you’re unsure of whether or not your yard has a drainage system, you should consult with your local council to determine what is required for your area.

Uneven patio area can result in water running off in wrong direction

Incorrect edging and compaction can create unsightly gaps and uneven patio areas. Edging restraints should be tightly installed against the edge of the patio in order to prevent water from flowing in the wrong direction. Proper water management is essential in order for water to move across the patio without causing structural damage to the foundation or joint grout.

The proper excavation of your patio site is vital. It must be done with utmost care and attention to the soil type. Otherwise, the patio may sunken and the pavers might crack and break. Also, improper excavation may expose old fill dirt or poorly draining soil. In some cases, this type of soil is the result of water issues inside the house.

Create a drainage system

Creating a drainage system in your yard is a very important part of yard maintenance. Without proper drainage, you will have to deal with a lot of mud and standing water. Installing a trench system will help you ensure that high-traffic areas of your yard drain properly.

The first step in creating a drainage system is to consider the kind of soil in your yard. Having a drainage system can help you prevent soil erosion, which can be detrimental to your landscaping and the foundation of your home. Water that gets into the cracks in the foundation will weaken the structure of your house and will deplete the soil of nutrients needed by your plants. Excess water in the yard can also damage trees, making them susceptible to falling.

The second step is to determine the type of drainage system you need. Some people decide to install a concrete catch basin that sits a little below the level of the street’s sewer system. This type of system is quite expensive, and requires heavy manpower to install. A plastic catch basin, on the other hand, is less expensive and doesn’t require heavy machinery. It can cost between $200 and $500, depending on the size of the basin and the type of material used.

Another option is to create a swale. A swale is an area of graded ground that redirects water. It does not need to be very visible, but even an inch drop every 10 feet is effective. A swale helps disperse the water over a larger area, which is important in preventing water from running into the storm drain. Moreover, it helps the plants that you are landscaping in the area to absorb the water. You can also consider using native plants that grow well in bog conditions.

Alternatively, you can use a traditional trench drain. This type of system works by directing excess surface water away from the home. The water then funnels into a large drainage system below ground. These systems are useful for many homeowners after a heavy rain. These systems are made from stainless steel and are resistant to rust and mold.

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