How Much Does a Plumbers Snake Cost in the UK?

A plumbers snake is an effective solution to drain clogging problems. Plumbers snakes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and prices. This article will discuss the different types and sizes of snakes, their prices, and how to get a snake past a P-Trap.

Flat rates for drain snaking

There are different ways to get your blocked drains unblocked. These methods include drain jetting, drain unclogging, and drain re-lining. The costs will depend on the type of service needed, the location of the drain, and the size of the obstruction. The prices of the different methods vary, as jetting is more expensive than rodding, and combining different methods will cost more.

Sizes of snakes

Plumbers snakes are available in a variety of sizes. Some have a 25-foot cable, while others are a bit thicker. For most household problems, a 25-foot cable is adequate. For larger issues, like clogs in long pipes, a 50-foot cable is more appropriate.

A plumber’s snake is a long, flexible piece of wire used to dislodge clogs. There are two types of plumber’s snakes, including a ‘naked’ cable with a handle at one end and a set-screw to keep it in place. Another type has a stationary handle on one side and an opening for feeding the snake. Both styles have a spiral-shaped cone of wire at one end.

Price of augers

The price of augers for plumbers in the UK varies a lot, but there are certain things that you should consider before you buy one. For starters, you should be aware of the different types of augers. Some of them are more powerful than others. If you need to remove a deep clog, you may want to consider an electric auger. These are designed for this purpose and are more expensive, but they will last a long time.

Moreover, modern drain augers are available with different cutting heads. Some of them have universal tips, while others have specific ones to deal with certain types of blockages. The latter are usually equipped with toothed edges or sharp blades. Ridgid, for example, introduced a pipe wrench in 1923, and its name has become synonymous with reliability and efficiency.

Another type of auger is the manual snake, which is a more affordable alternative. The manual snakes are small and compact and are useful for tackling simple blockages in the home. When cleaning them, you will need to wear protective gloves and check the cable’s integrity. Once it is in the right position, you can begin the drain cleaning process.

Getting a snake past the P-Trap

If your drain is clogged, you might be wondering how to get a plumbers snake past the P-trap in your sink. The first step is to remove the trap arm to get the best access to the drainpipe. Then, thread the snake’s auger head through the opening in the wall to reach the clogged pipe. While this method will make your drain cleaning job easier, it can also make the floor area very messy. To protect your floor, place rags on it.

If your clog is too stubborn to be eliminated by the auger, you may have to remove the P-trap. If this is the case, place a bucket underneath the P-trap so that the water doesn’t spill out. Next, use a pipe wrench to loosen the slip bus on the end of the P-trap. Once the P-trap is removed, insert the snake into the pipe leading into the wall. Then, flush the drain with hot water to clear any remaining debris.

Once the snake is in the pipe, it should be relatively easy to push it through. However, if the pipe is blocked, it can be very difficult to maneuver the snake. To make things easier, you should start at the lowest point of the P-trap (the bending pipe beneath the sink) and work your way up to the wall.

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