Can You Claim For a Collapsed Drain on House Insurance?

Can you claim for a collapsed drain on house insurance UK

If you have a collapsed drain, you may be able to claim for it on your house insurance policy. However, you must be aware of the different steps to take if you want to claim on your policy. These steps include: finding out what kind of collapsed drain you have, making a claim, and figuring out the cost.

Taking out extra cover for collapsed drains

The policy for your house insurance may not cover collapsed drains, but there are some ways to get extra cover. First, you should ensure that you take proper care of your drains. Most insurers cover this type of damage under accidental damage, but the definition of this term may differ from company to company. For example, they may not consider deterioration due to age as accidental damage, but they may consider external forces.

Another way to avoid a collapsed drain is by getting regular maintenance and inspections carried out by a fully accredited specialist. This way, you can demonstrate due diligence to the insurer. They will look for signs of accident, so it is essential to show insurers that you have taken steps to prevent the problem in the first place.

Blocked drains can cause significant problems. Not only can it cause flooding and odor in the home, it can also lead to structural damage to a drain pipe. This means that your home will be subject to mould and damp patches. A CCTV survey can help to confirm if there is any damage.

Signs of a collapsed drain

If your house’s drainage system is compromised, the problem could have disastrous consequences for the structure of your home. Your foundations can sink due to water leaking from the drain. In severe cases, it can collapse. Your home could also develop mould or damp patches. If you see any of these symptoms, you should immediately contact a drainage company for help.

One of the most common signs of a collapsed drain is the smell of sewage. It is a sign that your drain has failed to properly drain waste water. Your local water company will check your drains regularly to make sure they’re in good condition, but it’s impossible to predict when they might collapse. If you suspect a collapsed drain, it’s important to call a drainage expert for a CCTV survey.

Collapsed drains can be caused by many factors, including tree roots, wear and tear, freezing and melting, and ground movement. An older building is likely to have older pipes, which can become damaged. However, most insurance providers cover accidental damage.

Making a claim

A collapsed drain can be a difficult claim to make on your house insurance policy, but there are options available to you. One option is to arrange a CCTV survey, which will allow your insurer to see exactly what happened. The footage will also help you prove that the cause of the collapse was an accident rather than poor maintenance.

If you can’t afford to pay for the repair yourself, you can contact a drainage company. They will be able to check the condition of the original pipework and can also liaise with the company that carried out the repairs. However, sometimes it can be difficult to provide sufficient information about the problem, and the insurer may not be able to assess the damage correctly. Therefore, it’s important that you replicate the information provided by the drainage company and the insurer.

Blockages in the drainage system can be a common cause of drainage collapses. In many cases, they are caused by careless users who dump things down the toilet that should be in the bin. If the blockage was caused by a human being’s negligence, insurance companies may be more willing to pay out.

Cost of a claim

Your house insurance cover might cover the cost of a collapsed drain. However, there are some things to consider before filing a claim. The first step is to call your insurer for advice. They can help you determine which damage your policy covers. In some cases, you can also request a CCTV drain survey to determine the cause of the collapse. The footage can help you prove the cause of damage and show that the drain was not maintained correctly.

Insurance policies vary from company to company, but most will cover collapsed drains as long as they are caused by accidental damage. It’s important to note that insurers may not classify deterioration due to old age or pipe erosion as accidental damage. Some companies will only cover damage caused by external forces, such as a storm.

Your insurer may require evidence that demonstrates that regular maintenance is in order to avoid a collapse. Using a fully accredited specialist to carry out maintenance work can help you show your insurer that you took proper steps to protect your property. However, you should make sure your information replicates the information your insurer provided.

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