What Will Eat Through PVC Pipe?

What will eat through PVC pipe UK

There are various reasons why PVC pipe can be damaged. Some of them are biological, such as Termites. Others are caused by chemicals, such as corrosive cleaners. Regardless of the reasons, there are some things you can do to help prevent damage. Listed below are some options:


There is a looming threat to the built environment posed by termites. Although the insects are often thought to be harmless, they are actually a major threat. Termites, a group of insects that live in the soil and wood, have highly complex digestive systems. For example, they digest up to 90% of the cellulose in wood. Their digestive systems work in tandem with the trophallaxis, which breaks down nutrients for the colony.

Termites have a long history of attacking PVC pipes. In fact, some species have the ability to destroy wiring in plastic pipes. Formosan subterranean termites are the most dangerous. Since they live underground, they have an excellent chance of encountering PVC pipes. The termite’s diet consists of around 3 percent of its weight in formic acid.

If you have a termite infestation, you should invest in a baiting system. Baiting works best when properly installed and monitored. Termite baits must be placed in areas where termites are likely to feed. This may mean installing bait stations in a variety of locations.

Chemical cleaners

The active ingredient in chemical drain cleaners is caustic, which will cause your PVC pipe to soften or melt. This is because the chemicals in drain cleaners will raise the temperature of your pipes above their boiling point. This can cause PVC pipes to melt, which is not a good thing.

One way to avoid this problem is to avoid using chemical drain cleaners altogether. These chemicals can eat through PVC pipes and can damage other types of plumbing. The first step is to know what type of pipe you have and what types of chemicals will work for it. You can use an enzyme-based cleaner to dissolve organic soils, but it is not as powerful as a chemical-based cleaner. The second step is to use the correct safety precautions.

Another dangerous chemical is sulfuric acid. This chemical is easy to use and can unclog your drain within an hour, but it is heavy and can cause damage to your PVC pipes. This acid is more than twice as heavy as water and can corrode metals. However, PVC is resistant to most alcohols, fats, and oils. In addition, it is resistant to most acids and chlorinated hydrocarbons.


The Consumer Council for Water (CCW) estimates that leaks in water pipes in the UK lead to over three billion litres of water being wasted each day. While these leaks can be expensive and inconvenient, it is also possible for bacteria from the soil to invade the water distribution system. This can result in a number of problems, including decreased water pressure, a decrease in flow rates, and even the development of bacterial infections.

The bacterial growth in pipes affects drinking water quality due to a number of factors, including microbial biofilms, chemical and physical conditions, and the composition of the water. Bacteria commonly form biofilms on the inner pipe walls, providing a large surface area in contact with the drinking water.

The biofilm that forms in pipes is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Biofilms feed off the bacteria present in the water. This bacteria growth results in foul-smelling drains.

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