How Do You Tell If You Have a Collapsed Sewer Line?

How do you tell if you have a collapsed sewer line UK

If you are experiencing slow drains, then you may have a collapsed sewer line. You may also notice blockages and foul smells. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should contact a professional right away. In addition, you should also check the drains frequently for cracks or other damage.


It’s important to know the symptoms of a collapsed sewer line in order to avoid the inconvenience and high cost of having to repair it. Fortunately, these signs are easy to spot, and they can save you a lot of money. To spot the warning signs, check your pipes regularly for any changes in their size and shape.

If you notice a slow drain or a sewage backup, there’s a possibility that the sewer line is collapsed. If this happens, you need to contact a professional drainage service. They can check your drains with CCTV cameras to determine if there is a problem.

Another sign of a collapsed sewer line is a foul smell. This will be present throughout your home, but will be strongest in the bathroom. When your sanitary sewer line is leaking, you may notice dark patches on your floors or walls. This means that a section of your line is leaking, and it’s not leaking properly.


A collapsed sewer line can occur for a variety of reasons. In some cases, it may simply mean that water is backing up from the ground. In other cases, it can mean that there is a damaged section of the pipe. Either way, water may be backing up into your home. In such situations, you may notice damp patches on your walls and a foul smell. Calling a professional plumber to inspect and repair your sewer line is a good idea.

You may notice a foul smell when the pipe becomes collapsed. The smell can be present inside or outside your home. When the pipe becomes too damaged to function properly, waste water will back up and can cause an unpleasant odor. It may also cause damp patches on your walls or floors. When these symptoms are present together, they may indicate a collapsed sewer line.

Collapsed drains are common and can create a huge disruption in your home. They can also result in unexpected growth of vegetation.


While it may seem that repairs for a collapsed sewer line can be done by any handyman, a plumber with specialized skills may be best suited for the task. While a generalist plumber may be able to fix a leaking pipe, he will be unable to tackle the problem if it is under a concrete slab foundation. Furthermore, he may not be able to complete the job in a timely manner.


The cost of replacing a collapsed sewer line varies depending on the length and diameter of the pipe. The average cost is between PS60 and PS100 per square metre. The work may require a significant amount of excavation in the garden. This process can take several hours or more. The hole must be filled, and damaged surfaces may need to be reinstated.

Home insurance policies can cover collapsed drains, but policies vary. It is best to check with your insurance provider before making a decision. Some policies also include accidental damage. However, it’s also important to make sure that your drains are regularly serviced and used properly to avoid a collapse. Regular upkeep and insurance should help prevent the need for drain repair. For further information, speak to a customer service adviser at your local insurance company.

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