Fantastic places to make your derby visit Unforgettable



A city filled with captivating history, it’s no wonder why Derby is one of the most visited tourist destinations. Derby is a great place to visit for its numerous tourist attractions, delicious restaurants, high-end entertainment, and more. Come learn about the top things to do in Derby!

West Area

Derbyshire County Cricket Club

Derbyshire is renowned for producing some of the best cricketers across the country and is one of eighteen first-class county clubs within the domestic structure of English and Welsh cricket. Derbyshire has changed its name multiple times throughout its history, from Derbyshire Cannons to DCC in 1894 to DCC in 1897 to Derby from 1899 -1905 to Derbyshire from 1905 until today. The club’s team used to be called Falcons but has now been renamed Derby County Football Club. Their football club plays at the Derby County Cricket ground, located at Pride Park where it’s known as Pride Park Stadium. “Pride Park” reflects the pride of being based in such a prestigious area that was once home to numerous horse race tracks, almost becoming known as Horse Racing Capital!

Famous Trains Model Railway

Derby’s biggest model railway! Come and watch the model trains go by learning about our railway history and how railways operate by keeping warm and dry when it rains in the park. They are a charity based in Derby community who want to improve our local community by providing entertainment and education through experiences that are accessible for all the family rather than an expensive attraction just for adults.

Derby Cathedral

Derby Cathedral is located in Derby. The Anglican diocese authority made the decision to make this church a cathedral due to its prestigious reputation in the region. During construction, James Gibbs designed many churches throughout England. The addition that took place during the 1500s led to major changes such as the construction of a new tower and resulted in additional space for parish members without affecting what is now known as Derby Cathedral.

Markeaton Park

Markeaton Park is Derby’s most visited park and it’s no wonder why. It contains many activities for all ages including fishing, horse riding, tennis courts, and a nursery garden, plus there’s plenty of grassy areas to run around in or just sit and soak up some sun. One of the best features of Markeaton Park is its variety. Not only does it contain nature trails through meadows and mature woodland but also through an old army camp and tunnels so be prepared to get a little bit muddy during your visit! The park traces its origins back to the mediaeval period when land was set aside for deer hunting and became home to wild boar, wolves, and bears. Close by you can even see remnants from the Second World War when the army used this area as a training ground with huge tunnels stretching deep into the ground designed to practice battle drills in complete secrecy!

Hackwood Farm

Hackwood Farm is an award-winning wood-fired farm shop, café, butchery, and delicatessen. They’re strong believers in going to great lengths to offer their customers the very best seasonal produce that they can source from across the country. With over 600 items always available for purchase, they vocally boast that you’re guaranteed not to leave without a smile on your face because you know you’ll have the freshest ingredients available from top quality providers from whichever corner of this fine land of ours you might happen to hail from. If shopping for some new recipes inspires some culinary curiosity or if one needs a little bit of knowledge when it comes to finding things like fresh fruit and veggies or meat products, then there’s no need for worry here because Hackwood Farm staff members are going to take care of everything!

Here’s a map that leads you from the West area of Hackwood Farm, Radbourne Ln, Derby, Ashbourne to our unit at Plumbers Derby 19 St Christopher’s Way, Derby DE24 8JY, UK.