Desilt UK and Salix Pontoons

Desilting is an important process to keep drainage systems clean and clear of silt, a rock-like material that can form at the bottom of drains. It reduces the flow capacity of the drainage system and needs to be removed regularly. To achieve this, high-pressure water jets are used to break up the silt and force it to the next manhole downstream. The silt is then collected and disposed of responsibly.

Salix pont

Salix pont is a native of the Low Countries and has spread to cooler areas in Western Europe. It is a hardy plant that likes plenty of light and damp soil. It has been described as a pioneer plant, originating at the boundary of land and water. Its bark is known to contain salicin, a natural painkiller. It needs adequate water to thrive and shoots must be attached to the trunk in order to develop.

Salix pont is an excellent choice for gardens and can be found in a wide range of forms. Smaller forms are available that grow upwards or downwards. During the spring they have silver-white catkins that appear before narrow grey leaves. A smaller variety called ‘Hakuro-nishiki’ is a showy, colourful willow. Other varieties include Salix repens, a low growing, spreading shrub with small, rounded leaves.

Salix pontoons

Salix pontoons are designed to float excavators of up to 20 tons. They can be easily transported by road without movement orders and can float an excavator up to 1.2m deep. These pontoons are particularly suitable for desilting in shallow watercourses. Salix pontoons are also suitable for use with floating plants and floating plant excavators.

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